Diet to reduce belly after New Year

The diet to lose belly after the new year, is intended for you who set out to lose a few kilos for the new year or regain your ideal weight after the long holidays.

No one can resist the Christmas menu, actually we should avoid as well as exquisite it’s time for celebration and family unity.

So do not worry about the food, because here we bring this diet to lose belly.

Loss diet BarrigaCausas why it occurs Abdominal Inflammation

Carbohydrate intake is intended to provide energy to the body.

But if a sedentary life takes, you may never burn those calories, which are being stored in the tissue as glycogen, and that eventually are transformed into lipids.

But there’s more, conditions associated with a sedentary lifestyle and excessive consumption of carbohydrates are: Nervous colitis.

Accumulation of gases, polycystic ovaries, irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, among others and require medical attention.

You discarding any type of anomaly, are perfect candidate to lead this diet to lose belly and show everyone that meet your goal of weight loss it is possible and in record time.

Sure it requires willpower, but nothing of any unusual or exotic ingredient difficult to achieve, on the contrary, it is to make it as accessible to your time, money and culinary skills; start.

What are the dynamics of loss diet Barriga after New Year:

The diet to lose belly after the new year is four days off you choose to your comfort to enjoy unrestricted, meaning that you can eat all you want.

The day after a day, should be consumed as described on the menu, ie they are interspersed.

Very careful, this diet to lose belly, can be followed for 15 days and not exceed maximum repeat twice a year, as it could descompensarte and put you at risk.

The consumption of celery, apple, water, coffee and tea is free during daily diet.

Tips for successful diet to lose Belly:

If possible physically active all the holidays, so you will not accumulate carbohydrates.
Eat slowly.
Bájale stress (so eat less).
Take plenty of natural water, about 2.5 liters.
Avoid drinking through a straw, so do not take in air.
Avoid chewing gum or sucking on candy, are extra calories.
Decrease your salt intake, because it makes us retain fluids.
Do not add sugar to hot drinks.
Prohibited pasta, sugar, flour, bread and biscuits during the diet.
Live your days off and enjoy them to the fullest much
Options from the menu on the diet to lose Barriga

Breakfast and Snack

Coffee without sugar and / or

Green tea and / or

Matte and / or

Or sugar-free yogurt

1 fruit

Lunch and dinner

1 small bowl of vegetable stock

2 pieces of fruit or

1 yogurt without sugar

BarrigaMucha loss diet luck in your endeavors, we are sure you will achieve lower belly, look and feel great.

In this diet to lose belly after New Year only lacks a few small exercises so you have a flat stomach next year.

The 4 Keys to Weight Loss Fast

It is definitely very healthy for fattening because of insulin resistance or other hormonal cause. Also for those with high cholesterol and triglycerides. More often when there is a hormonal cause these symptoms:

You have warts on your neck?
You have gas and inflamed stomach?
Your index finger is shorter than your 4th finger?
You have oily hair loss and root?
You wake up not hungry but feel anxiety at 4:30 PM?
dietaSi have several of these symptoms use this calculator to let you know which diets diet suits you.

He had always warned my patients that dieting does not work because the anxiety worse, but just demonstrated that increased appetite remains while continuing the diet.

The old advice to eat less and move more weight loss was wrong.

I will address their concerns with custom videos. Esríbeme your case to correct you here.

The 4 Keys to Weight Loss Fast

Fast weight loss is definitely a great motivator and is almost as good as the Paleo Diet therefore highly recommended but there is a right and a wrong method.

Lose weight as well vs. As bad weight loss

Dieting is not working. It is achieved initially lose weight even if you are not burning a lot of fat. With only six hours of fasting blood sugar begins to rise (even without eating), is the muscle breakdown that prevents running out of energy.

What happens when the diet continues for several days?

Low hormone leptin and ghrelin rises causing hunger is increasingly intense. From this time anxiety appears and no medication can decrease appetite.

Consequences of dieting

Slow Metabolism: It is increasingly difficult to find available muscles to burn food. At this point even eating little and does not continue to lose weight and the rebound effect is imminent.

When leptin is low and high ghrelin any fresh food produce such an intense pleasure that the risk of becoming addicted to carbohydrates is really dangerous.

How to recognize if I’m losing fat or muscle?

When starting a healthy lifestyle with enough protein the thinning process occurs even faster than with a low calorie diet but the main difference is that instead of losing muscle is fat which is slowing. Besides anxiety attacks diminish and disappear.

If the weight loss is associated with decreased waist measurement (to close the pants) means that the thinning process is running smoothly decreasing fat.

How to lose weight … incorrectly

To stop eating the necessary proteins, the body has to resort to “self-devouring” muscles. By losing muscle weight is lowered but not both measures. Instead of evidence decrease fat reduction measures. Furthermore metabolism affects the muscles lose function as the “ovens” where food is burned.

Some proteins are so effective in reducing appetite that are classified as Functional Foods and exploited as treatments. Due to the high satiating of whey protein is used in the ice cream shakes and protein A Diet More Ni.

Benefits of keeping a healthy lifestyle

Lose weight quickly and forever
Decreased anxiety attacks
What can inhibit you achieve fast weight loss?

Taking medications fattening
They are suffering the rebound effect of the above diet
Not getting enough sleep
Exercise fasting
Eat excess carbohydrates unknowingly (eg fruit at dinner)
Eat only twice a day.

Goodbye Belly! 6 Super simple exercises to get Abs of steel

The belly and buttocks are an important part of our anatomy, and we love being comfortable with them, no matter the season where we are.

And if in addition to saving time, you want to motivate or inspire you in the body of some of the famous with the most toned bodies, or whose perky buttocks are known throughout the world, here we leave some of our selection. And it is that the exercises will show you serve for much more than to tone abs …

1. Abdominal compact

Lie on your back, with your back flat on the ground. Then bend your legs approximating the maximum to your trunk, so that your feet touch your buttocks.

Try to keep your feet perpendicular to the ground. It is important that you exercise control over your feet, as this helps to keep the area in tension.

Cross your arms over your chest and hold your head up. Now that you have posture, tense your abdominal muscles and get ready to start the exercise. It’s as simple as lifting your chest without losing the position. Something like a more intense abdominal. Start with 8 runs and hits a pair. As you get the hang, will become one of your star exercises.

2. pedals

Put like you to do crunches: Lie on your back, with your back flat on the ground as possible, elbows as open as possible.

Then place your legs bent at a right angle, the famous position squad. Keep the soles of the feet straight to exert more pressure and remember to keep your eyes on a fixed point on the ceiling. Now it’s the most fun: cycling!

If you are looking for some other exercises like this that combine buttocks and leg crunches with notes of these ideas …

3. Cross Crunches

Lie on your back, place your palms on your neck, and open your elbows. Here you also have to try to keep your feet flat.

Now, bend the right leg, bringing knee to your belly. Back off the ground and try to touch your left elbow to your right knee. After you do this, it switches legs and elbow, but remember that they must always be opposite ends.

Repeat the exercise alternating each time one side, and do sets of 8, for a couple of times. Once you’ve mastered it, you can do more reps.

4. Leg Raised

Lie on your stomach with your legs straight and place your hands on your head, elbows open well. Now, tense your thighs, and lifts a leg while air intakes.

After trying to lose the leg, but without allowing it to touch the ground. While lower leg, you must expel the air. This time, you should let your feet relaxed. It is very important that during this exercise and repetitions, do not raise your hip. This is a work of the core of our body.

Repeat this position on each leg 10 times, and sees the increase as you go dominate.

Before continuing with more exercises, you remember that a balanced diet is essential for a strong and deflation abdomen. If you want some advice in this regard, try some of these foods rich in fiber to help you have a perfect belly.

5. The bridge

We return to her back, but this time, you should keep the arms close to the body.

Bend your knees, but the feet off the ground. Then raise your pelvis until your body and lift that just sticking to the floor shoulder blades and arms. More or less, this figure resembles a bridge, hence its name. Seesaw in batches 8.

6. Cat

Stand on all fours, so that your body forms only right angles. Make sure that your arms are parallel to each other and your legs do the same. Sure you already know this exercise, but you will help to strengthen your body, and reposition your back step.

Once you have posture, with your back straight, your knees and keep your hands steady and well anchored to the ground, and now comes to arch your back. Imagine you are a cat and your column erizas to any danger.

After arching your back, go back to the previous position and keep it straight. Repeat the exercise as many of 10. As I realize it is very important that you keep your abs tense, and that they are the center from which to move around.

You will feel like to train? Here we have spoken only of some exercises that will not take long time and that will help you have a firmer belly and buttocks.

But in case you do not feel very motivated, do not forget that a good soundtrack always helps to enjoy more of whatever you do. We for our part, we leave some of the ones we like to exercise.

Losing Belly without losing your mind 8 very sound advice to get a flat stomach

There, it has already happened. Summer has arrived and with complex damn you for not getting a flat stomach. Well, although we do not like complex, the truth is that it is normal to want to improve our anatomy and see the best version of ourselves when we look in the mirror.

It is for this reason that if you set out to lose the belly in record time, we recommend you follow these 8 tips to get a flat stomach and healthy permanently. Just do not look for miracles, this will require some commitment on your part … Here we go!

1. Live diuretics

If you notice the swollen belly continuously, it is likely to suffer fluid retention. This is also evident in other areas of the body such as the legs, but sometimes accentuated in the area of ​​the belly, where the discomfort and heaviness we feel is greater.

To reduce fluid retention, food will be your great ally. Try these 15 foods, you will notice a reduction in your belly!
And how do you take these foods? For example, you can make a broth celery and onion and swallow before lunch, take watermelon fasting, or a refreshing salad with lettuce and onions.

If you go for asparagus mayonnaise prevents throw, just as if you choose the eggplant is not recommended to do it in his battered version.

The key to have maximum impact on your retention is eating without too much additive or elaborate recipes. Finally, in the case of infusions, we recommend the birch extract, fennel, nettle and dandelion. Or green tea, this miracle food.

2. Water, water, water

Whether for whatever we claim over and over again the benefits of water. But we do not mean to say.

It is proven that drinking plenty of water (about 2 liters a day), is not only beneficial to prevent fluid retention but also helps digestion, prevents constipation, helps its satiating effect something to eat less and, therefore, to lose weight … I mean, if you want to remove the gut and get a flat stomach, do not forget the holy water.

3. Chew much food

Another tip that will help you lose a bit of your belly and notice flatter stomach is chewing food well. Digestion begins in the mouth! Chew food thoroughly until completely crushed and then swallowed.

If you’re not used to, try to eat with the TV off, so you can focus on your plate and count every time you chew. You might seem silly, but ingesting food and helps your stomach to do less work in digestion, preventing heaviness, gas and bloating.

And on the other hand, slowly helps you eat your fill before you eat and quieter and less anxiety.

4. Moderate your intake of sugar and salt

We do not intend to eat bland or without sweets, moderate their consumption but everything is a good way to have a flat stomach. Why? First, if we do not keep sugar levels low insulin and high glucagon.

Glucagon is the hormone responsible for transforming energy fat belly, so to maintain its high levels (based on limiting consumption of sugar) will help to lose some belly.

With regard to salt, this is often largely responsible for fluid retention and therefore feel swollen.

Moderate consumption is beneficial not only to lose weight but also to prevent cardiovascular disease. Our recommendation is passed to herbs to flavor your meals and replace conventional low natural salt sodium salt.

5. Do not just have to do crunches

One of the big mistakes when attempting to remove the casing is devoted to doing abdominal exercise sole and principal.

Well, we will notify you, but help strengthen the abdominal (more on them in the next point), it is not enough to get a flat stomach. The first should be take care of food and then enhance aerobic exercise, culminating in particular working area.

This means that to lose the belly is more effective to perform cardiovascular exercise to help us lose weight in general, combined with strength exercises to strengthen the muscle and then passed to train the abdominal localized area.

Among the recommended aerobic exercise, cycling, swimming or running can be great options, being the recommended practice three to five times a week. Motivate yourself with these songs and begin to lose weight!

The best songs for sports iStock

The best songs for sports
Eye Of The Tiger, Survivor
Do not Stop Me Now by Queen
Beat It, Michael Jackson
Tubthumping, Chumbawamba
By The Way, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Heavy Cross Gossip
A Sky Full Of Stars, Coldplay
Stronger (What Does not Kill You) Kelly Clarkson
Pump It, The Black Eyed Peas

6. abdominal, please

Although there are other exercises that, of course: the abdominals are a great way to tone the abdomen. You know how to do them properly? There are many ways to train your abs. You can try typical elevation trunk lying on your back or supported with back and hands back, stretching his legs.

These are the two most typical and easy exercises to people who are not accustomed to exercising too much.

As for the reps, you must increase progressively. Start with three sets of 15 to 20 and increases gradually.

The important thing here is not to do a lot, but to do well. If you want to see some other specific exercises to lose belly and strengthen the abdomen, try this Tabata, are only four minutes, I assure you, it works!
7. Be consistent

And this is the key to everything. At this time of year we always come rushing about looking little guy on the beach or by the pool and do some other crazy to lose weight.

If we want to feel good about ourselves, it is best to take care continuously throughout the year and not the month before the holiday. It is for this reason that sport regularly, eat fruit and vegetables every day or drink water abundantly should not be isolated events in our life should be habits.

If you want a flat stomach and a body with which you feel comfortable and you look good, be constant in these healthy recommendations and make them your habits.

At first cost, but do not underestimate your willpower. In a few days will be your routines!

8. Watch out for tapas

We tell you from now: nothing will serve you kill yourself with the abs, exercise or chewing food if you do not intend to watch your diet. To get results, you have to take care of food.

So if you want to reduce your belly, not only simply to eat more fruits and vegetables, you should also limit the consumption of sauces, breaded, fried potatoes, the tapas bar …

It seems complicated because sometimes greed wins the battle, but it is as easy as eating only when you’re really hungry. That is, listen to your stomach, not your mind, and when you really feel hungry, eat.

Do it in small plates and in small quantities: so thou shalt be satisfied before. Caring for your diet a little get reach your ideal weight naturally. It sounds good, right? Say goodbye to complex once and get a flat stomach healthy and gradual way!

How Can slim the tummy this Christmas?

Whether you have many or few kilos to lose, if you want to slim the tummy this Christmas, it is best to start by not reduce your calorie intake to less than 1,200 calories a day.

This average level will help you lose around a couple of kilos per week (maybe a little more at first) for that reason you should surround yourself with healthy foods before Christmas.

Then, the food choices you make this Christmas for these 1,200 calories and lose weight, will be crucial when you feel hungry or satiated factor. And to overcome that feeling of hunger completely, I recommend you try these tips failsafe:

1.  Make sure that two-thirds of your diet are based on vegetables, pasta and brown rice, beans, bread, fruit and vegetables, all these you satiated providing maximum calorie, this puts as the main option in your meals instead of being as a second, this means you’ll always have enough to eat.

2.  Choose the options that are high in fiber whenever possible. Fiber does not contain calories, you can fill up with this and still not get fat. It also slows the intestinal emptying a bit so you will feel no hunger longer, besides, most of these high-fiber foods, you have to chew a little more that’s why they force you to eat more slowly.

3.  Eat foods with high water content. Water is the last of the low-calorie foods that can be consumed in large volume, so liquid meals like soups and stews can be especially satisfying and very friendly to your waistline.

Another trick is to drink one to two glasses of water 40 mn. before a meal to trick the stretch receptors so that these send a message to the brain that says “I’m full”.

4. Do not skimp on the sources of low-fat protein like fish, grilled chicken and lean meat (no sausages). The protein has a very effective dulling effect on your appetite, and can make you feel llen @ longer.

5. Cut the saturated fat. Besides the obvious reason that has more than double the calories than the same weight of protein or starch – saturated fat is the last component of food to satiate hunger.

Best opt ​​for foods containing good fats like avocado oil, olive oil, almonds, walnuts and peanuts, your body will thank you.

If you can follow these rules at Christmas, you’ll be able to eat well and lose a few pounds (eg, cereal and fruit for breakfast, soup, bread and yogurt for lunch and a large fish fillet with rice and vegetables followed by a bowl of fruit for dinner) and still do not will spend 1,200 calories.

The formula to get rid of Beer Belly before wearing the swimsuit

With the arrival of spring warmth, the garments become lighter and “beer belly” that have been breeding in winter seems uncomfortable.

At this point, there is no coats or sweaters which conceals the excesses, but still time to try to reduce it a little or, at least, it does not get worse.

Diet and exercise, combined, are your two weapons to get rid of fat. Just do not leave it to run daily if you wear then “as Kiko” or eat little if you lose after evening on the couch watching TV.

In fine weather, the quintessential plan is going to take canes onto a terrace. To continue enjoying this pleasure without endangering the figure, the ideal is to go from greasy appetizers (fried sausages) and opt for vinaigrettes (pickles, onions, flags …). “A beer does not have many calories (75-100), the poblema is the cap and the number of rods that we take,” warns Dr. Fernando Goñi, attending physician of Endocrinology at the Hospital de Basurto in Bilbao, and member the board of the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEED).

Best choice “alcohol” or “light”
It is advisable not to exceed three beers a day for men and two for women. Furthermore, if we choose the version without alcohol, consume half the calories. In the case of soft drinks, Dr. Goñi also recommends the ‘light’ option, even for the combined.

At home, we should go for salads, but “with a little oil ‘, cooking on the grill, replace high-calorie fruit desserts, avoiding excess always bread and drink water to quench thirst. “In general, we must opt ​​for less caloric foods because what satisfies us is the volume of food. We fill the same but less fattening “explained endocrine.

If we need to eat between meals, it is best to take a piece of fruit. And at night, the dinner has to be light, but not scarce. “If we take just a fruit and yogurt, accumulated hunger for the next day and compensate by eating more at another time,” warns Dr. Goñi, which recommends a dish of meat or grilled fish, accompanied by a salad and fruit. The latter, despite the widespread urban legend, not to consume more fat overnight.

Not only abdominal
Exercise is the other key player to get rid of the uncomfortable handles. And it’s not just performing sit-ups. “There has to be a generic job to warm muscle, burn fat and tone,” says Madeleine Moreno, coordinator of fitness Body Factory Pozuelo de Alarcon.

To achieve this, the personal trainer recommends first going to pilates to strengthen internal muscles of the body and learn to properly abs. Then, to burn fat, we must choose an aerobic exercise: running, cycling, indoor cycling, aerobics or dance, for example. And to tone, ideally are the kinds of body tonic or GAP.

But if you prefer to save the money of the gym and train on your own, Moreno advises run every day at least 30 minutes and do push-ups and crunches home.

Question pulsation
Many people think that the more sweat, the more fat is lost, and even resort or plastic strips. “This is fake. What you burn depends on the intensity of your keystrokes not what you perspire. Sweat is reset as drink water, “he warns the fitness instructor.

Although sometimes it costs us, we must try to maintain a straight posture during the day. “If you walk work or bent, the muscles of the stomach move less and just to relax,” says a Moreno.

And finally, avoid eating high-calorie foods after sport because “they will cling directly to the body area that want less,” warns. Instead opt for fruits such as pear, banana or orange juice.

How to Have a Flat Belly in Days


How to have a flat stomach? You are looking for some effective ways to get a flat stomach?

It will have passed through your head the abs do, sauna, popular diets, but none of that is enough to get a flat stomach. In fact, these exercises are perfect for strengthening your stomach muscles, but will not help you lose fat.
To view your flat stomach you need to eat healthy and proper exercise.

Begin by following these simple tips to get a flat stomach and bring your swimsuit with confidence:



Increase protein intake to speed up your metabolism, so you can do for example 4 egg breakfast cooked egg.

This way, you will accelerate the metabolism in the morning and be closer to achieve your goal.
Protein-rich foods take longer to be digested, absorbed, metabolized and utilized.
By this I mean that burn more calories with them and feel more saciad @. Protein is certainly important to lose fat without losing muscle, a sure way to get your flat stomach


One of the most effective ways to get a flat stomach is to eat daily fruits and vegetables.

Try to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day and you will improve your immune system and your fiber intake.
I recommend you start eating an apple every day. Apples contain pectin, which helps lower cholesterol.
Moreover, apples have a natural hunger suppressant effect.


The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even when you’re not exercising.

This is because weight training increases your metabolism. When you are doing cardio exercise only, leaving out the weight training lose muscle mass and muscle of the abdomen.
To get that flat stomach you want is important that you add weight training to your exercise routine.


Drinking enough water every day is vital to get that flat stomach you want.

Try to drink a glass of water before meals and have less hunger, thereby, you get to eat less.
Sometimes we confuse thirst with hunger, it will be important for you to know recognize when you’re hungry and the best way is to drink water before each meal.


To get the flat stomach you need three high-intensity workouts of 60 minutes.

Not to bore you always doing the same cardio exercise you can combine several at the same meeting, running, cycling, rowing. In these sessions you will be ensuring burn all the fat and get your flat stomach.

The time in which you dinner is key to getting the flat stomach you intend.

Do not eat 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. I know it’s difficult but key. Your metabolism slows down when you sleep and do not burn calories you ate for dinner.
Can be useful drinking water, probably just thirsty and not hungry

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Plyometrics are very good anaerobic exercise, which will be perfect to get a flat stomach quickly.

When you do these exercises, you get a 90% intensity and increase your metabolic rate, so you’ll be burning calories.
Besides these exercises are fun, they are not difficult or boring. Give them a try and see how you like.

Method to follow after pregnancy

You just give birth and do not believe you can. Your gut dreamed of before but nothing is further from reality. To enter the dress that awaits you in the closet, you happen to get strip but … agree?

What a disappointment! After delivery, your beautiful round and hard belly has become flabby and swollen belly. Your baby is in your arms but who knew? Fear not, uterine involution has only just begun. Your blood volume will decrease, you lose fluids and abdominal muscles that have been separated to accommodate the uterus will gradually gathering. If your spare kilos, you will lose them and gradually go before recovering your silhouette.
Can I help strip out?
The belt can hold your guts and hide their volume but does not solve the problem. On the contrary, to have that elastic support, abdominal work less and go further loosening. But if you need to enter a costume at all costs, we can help. Once fulfilled its task, forget about it in the back of a drawer and … get to work.

First phase: Kegel exercises

In your birth preparation classes, your midwife will be taught to tense and relax the muscles of the perineum, those around the anus and vagina and give support to your abdomen. These simple exercises reinforce the area and prevent urine leakage, a fairly common condition during and after childbirth. Now that you’ve given birth, do not waste time and again to practice several times a day. As your perineum has not recovered, you can not continue with your recovery plan abdominal exercises as these undermine the strengthening of the perineum.

Second phase: abdominal exercises

About two months after delivery depues recovered and perineum, you can dedicate yourself to strengthen your abdominal muscles. If you work regularly, increasing the number of repetitions, the results will be felt in a matter of weeks.

Third phase: postpartum diet

If you breastfeed your baby and take care of your diet, you’ll lose the extra weight you gradually. Otherwise, follow a postpartum diet once this stage. Around the flat stomach will not wait.

How to Burn Belly Fat steadily

Knowing how to burn belly fat rapidly is something that concerns many people today, for the simple fact that nobody wants to be seen with bulging stomach that deforms the figure.

However, the most practical solution for reducing belly fat is to control the food you eat and implementing a good exercise regimen.

To lose weight and reduce belly fat must be removed efficiently overweight around the body as it is impossible to lose weight only a specific area of ​​the body.

If you lose weight gradually it sustained and is much easier to remove the bulging abdomen.

Eating a diet to burn belly fat

To burn belly fat fast you have to eat foods that are easy to digest and help increase the body’s energy to increase the rate of metabolism.

Avoid foods that can not be digested quickly since become fat cells; these foods are heavy carbohydrates and fatty foods like bacon and processed grains like white rice. Processed grains are those who have been stripped of all its nutrients, virtually converted into sugars.

Eating fruits and vegetables such as bananas and broccoli. Both contain high amounts of potassium, which helps speed up the metabolism enough that the body starts to burn more calories.

Potassium must be obtained through food, because it is not created in the body. You also have to eat foods that contain fiber such as oatmeal. It contains carbohydrates that take longer to digest, but in a good way, because the body uses more calories to process.


Bee pollen is a natural substance, usually in powder form, which helps burn belly fat fast. The reason why is because consuming it is because it contains a high amount of enzymes, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.

Increasing the amount of enzyme consumed leads to better digestion. A lot of enzymes means a quick breakdown of the food you eat, which prevents them from becoming fat cells.

Essential fatty acids help the body function properly. Bee pollen contains omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids that are not produced in the body and must be consumed.

These fatty acids help increase metabolism levels of insulin, which in turn helps to digest food and convert them into energy and not stored fat.

EXERCISES, an important requirement to burn fat ABDOMINAL.

Cardio and abdominal exercises are the key to weight loss and the removal of abdominal fat. Exercise not only increases metabolism, but also activates fat cells in lean muscles.

No need to pay for fitness club memberships or buy equipment, all you need to do is just run for 15 or 30 minutes a few days a week and do abdominal exercises. The combination of these two exercises with a healthy eating plan can give you great results in a few months.

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Exercise allows you to remove abdominal fat twice as many calories you burn and helps you eliminate stress, the main responsible for the accumulation of fat in the belly.

Try to include strength training.

Strength training may be the best burn abdominal fat. Do strength training improves joint health and helps build muscle mass. When this type of exercise burns fat is practiced throughout the day, even when you are resting or sleeping, which is not achieved with cardio exercises.

Moreover, by strengthening and creating a little more muscle your body burns more calories because it needs more energy to maintain the new percentage of muscles, resulting in steady weight loss.

If you apply all these tips, your chances of burning abdominal fat quickly increase significantly. Just start eating more healthily and organize your day to include an exercise regimen that allows you to accelerate results activities.